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A website serves as a digital storefront for your business, providing credibility, accessibility, and a platform to showcase your products or services. In today’s digital age, consumers often start their buying journey online, making a website crucial for visibility and customer engagement.

The cost varies widely based on the complexity of the site, platform chosen, design intricacies, and additional features. You can have a basic website built on platforms like WordPress for relatively low costs, but a custom-built site or e-commerce platform with advanced features can run into thousands of dollars.

DIY website builders like Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace make it feasible to create basic websites. However, for a more customized, scalable, and professional-looking site, especially for larger businesses or specialized needs, hiring a web developer or agency is advisable.

Yes, with a significant portion of users accessing websites via mobile devices, a mobile-responsive site ensures optimal user experience, improved search engine rankings, and broader accessibility.


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Throughout all web development services, ScienceSoft adheres to a quality-first approach based on ISO 9001-certified quality management system. Our comprehensive security management program with robust security controls, policies and technologies is compliant with ISO 27001 regulations.